General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

The following conditions are automatically accepted by the User by browsing the website and applying for training.

The operator reserves the right to unilaterally amend this contract.

1) Website operator

Details of the website operator (hereinafter Service Provider):

  • name: Krisztina Sárközi (sole proprietor)
  • Headquarters: 2092, Budakeszi  Losonc street 6/A.         
  • Hungarian tax number: 79256016-1-33
  • Bank account number: 10918001-00000044-82630007 ( Unicredit Bank Zrt )
  • International (IBAN) bank account number: HU 62 10918001-00000044-82630007
  • e-mail:

2 ) General Terms and Conditions

Registration (subscription, subscription conditions, unsubscribe) : It is currently not possible to subscribe to the newsletter via the website, only applications for personal consultations, solutions, trainings and events are available .

The Service Provider is not liable for damages resulting from the inaccuracy of the data provided during applications for consultations, trainings and events .

The consultations, candidate training to declare that it has entered corporate e-mail, business use, or a personal email address that is given specifically to give information to the S zolgáltatótól . If the candidate has filled out the wrong data Ű form if this may indicate availabilities of service.

The Service Provider reserves the right to reject any application for a consultation, training or event . The applicant may not file a complaint or legal remedy against this.

Prices, payment terms

The fees published on the website do not include VAT, the service provider carries out a tax-free activity. Applications for training become final upon payment of the training fee indicated in the training .

Available payment methods :

  • Bank transfer / payment to the HUF account of the Service Provider at Unicredit Bank Zrt .

The process of applying for a consultation, construction or event

The Applicant will submit his application via the form on the website.

The Service no later than 48 hours e-mail sent to the Applicant for confirmation, which includes the payment terms, which the Entrant expressly recognized as binding for itself.

Cancellation of the application for a consultation, construction or event

Training, 7 days pre – event  . the Applicant may withdraw his / her intention to apply in this electronic , written form (by e-mail), in which case the Service Provider will refund the program fee within 7 days.

If the cancellation is indicated by the Applicant within 7 days, there is no possibility to refund the participation fee paid for the canceled training .

In case of consultation (solution, reiki or metamorphosis treatment, etc.) the Applicant has the opportunity to cancel the opportunity without consequences 24 hours before the agreed date, in case of cancellation within 24 hours the fee of the agreed treatment and solution will be invoiced in full as availability.

Discounts, promotions

The Service Provider reserves the right to provide discounts or other promotions or discounts for the consultations, trainings and services announced by it from time to time .

Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts and are not retroactive .

The Applicant acknowledges that in case of a possible future promotion of the trainings already paid for by him , he will not receive any compensation, other benefits or discounts.

The Applicant uses the training and event under the current conditions .

Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash.

3) Copyright

Announces em to the Service (hereinafter Author) holds off the site information materials (hereinafter referred to as Intellectual Property ).

The entire textual and graphic content of the Intellectual Work, together with its details, is protected by copyright (pursuant to Act LXXVI of 1999).

The Intellectual brings all rights reserved by the corresponding author. The operator of the website , as the copyright owner, does not consent to the commercial use of this published content and to its receipt, reproduction, distribution, public performance, reworking or other use in an unaltered or substantially similar manner .

Citing from the Spiritual Creation is possible only with the exact indication of the author and the source and with the prior written permission of the Author .

In case of violation of the above conditions, the Author may demand the cessation of the violation and shall be obliged to take further legal action. These violations and unauthorized use have criminal and civil consequences.

By acknowledging these terms and conditions, the User also submits to the copyright regulations and the jurisdiction of the court competent according to the registered office of the Service Company .

Visit the site, read the Spiritual Creation and exclude liability

Everyone may visit the website at their own risk. The Author excludes all liability arising from the use of the Intellectual Property , in particular with regard to the result achieved by the user or the risks and consequences arising from the failure to achieve the desired result .

Right to change

The author reserves the right to change the information contained in the Intellectual Property without prior notice .

4) Amendment of the GTC

Service provider reserves the right to unilater.