Unleash your life energies!

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Reiki (meaning universal life energy) is an ancient, laying on hands cure that dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk, rediscovered in the 19th century. at the end of the century for humanity.

It is found in every living thing from birth, the life force, the life energy (chi), which it uses continuously. Today’s people tend to use it up, as we spend the least amount of energy on replenishing ourselves and our energies. On the other hand, if the “energy replenishment” is repeatedly lacking, we gradually show signs of physical, spiritual, and mental exhaustion, we find it increasingly difficult to cope with the stress in our lives, we become more and more irritable, impatient, first only smaller and later more severe, greater diseases also appear in our lives.

Reiki treatment introduces life energy into the body, initiates the body’s natural self-healing and detoxification processes, dissolves the energy blocks accumulated in the body, thus stimulating energy flow and regeneration. Reiki affects each person differently and always exerts its effect where the recipient needs it most.

 During reiki “healing” no garments need to be removed (comfortable, loose clothing is recommended), energy naturally flows through the garment, even plaster is not an obstacle.

I quoted “healing” in quotation marks above – not by chance! Because reiki itself is not a cure! Reiki energy simply tunes one to the universal life energy by dissolving the blocks.

The most tangible, most noticeable effect of treatments is the release of bodily tension. During the treatments, most of the patients get into a calm, relaxed state (possibly fall asleep), the cramps of the body are relieved and their pain is relieved. The continuous dissolution of the body’s cramps is accompanied by spiritual release, and the ability to tolerate stress is strengthened. If the client is constantly energized with reiki, he learns to disperse negative thought forms, increase inner strength, find his joys more easily, and live a full life.

And who is it recommended for? To humans, pets, plants, all living things! Specifically:

Stress reduction, to solve fears, restlessness: for pregnant mothers, children, people who are overworked.

For people with chronic illness, fatigue, exhaustion.

There is no disease or age  which is contraindicated!

Treatment fee: 40 EUR, – / 60 minutes