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Spiritual counseling through numerology, Chinese astrology – Open yourself to the secrets of the Universe!

In many people, I see confusion, fear, after they begin to look for the why in their lives, and in the answers they find the world of spirituality. They start to leave the narrow-mindedness of rationality, but the “other side” is still too scary for them. Lots of information on the internet, even more books, experts, “miracle workers”. Opinions, statements, predictions that are often completely contradictory to each other. No wonder we get lost in the meantime. I believe that the future belongs to the people who find the balance between the two sides and live their earthly lives in the knowledge that they know: they are immortal, spiritual beings, with tasks, commitments. Those who are able to create their own heaven on earth will learn to deal with their conflicts, their problems, because they will find and understand their root causes, while improving the lives not only of themselves but also of their fellow human beings. As Sándor Weöres wrote a long time ago:

“There is only one commandment, the rest is just advice: try to feel, think, act to be of benefit to everything.”

There is only one knowledge, the others are just an extension: The earth beneath you, the sky above you, the ladder inside you. As part of the counseling, prepare for a dissolved conversation, which really unfolds in the rising of your questions and interests. We call numerology and Chinese astrology for help. (I’m not undertaking a comprehensive astrological analysis, as it requires several hours of preparation, and 60/90 minutes would not be enough for a consultation. I can give a general overview of your “codes” and your abilities.)

I am neither omnipotent nor omniscient, but I can certainly promise that if you need help deciding where to go, if you want to learn, or maybe need support in spiritual self-improvement, you can count on me!

Consulting fee:

  • 40 EUR – / 60 minutes
  • 60 EUR, – / 90 minutes