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Meditation solutions for Idividuals / pairs / groups – both in person and online form

If you like guided relaxation, I look forward to trying them out individually, in pairs (with your girlfriend, boyfriend, with your spouse or family member) or in a larger group.

In case of group cleansing, in the 10-15 minutes before the program I coordinate the energy field of the group, I protect the energy space we will be in during the joint work, so when the program starts we are able to start the relaxation in a harmonious, protected space. The first step is body relaxation, this is then gets deepened, followed by a “journey” of 30-40 minutes according to the guided text. After the “return”, I cleanse everyone individually.

For individuals and pairs, the schedule is a little different. After providing a common clean energy field, I first do a basic energization (chakras, aura cleansing), then we start the program. After the guided relaxation, we will discuss the feelings, images, questions that have arisen in you during the relaxation, and I will continue to cleanse the topic.

In the case of an individual program, you can expect to have a personalized relaxation / relaxation process, which, in coordination with the energy of Archangel Gabriel, I ask for you from my spiritual helpers.

I am currently waiting for you with the following topics:

  • Love / relationship
  • Femininity (masculinity) / fulfillment
  • Material abundance
  • Creation
  • Skills
  • The House of the Soul
  • Healing an inner child

Price of the solution:

  • individually: 40 EUR, – / 60 minutes
  • in pairs: 60 EUR / 60 minutes (30 EUR / person)
  • in a group: 20 EUR, – / 45-60 minutes (depending on the topic, number of participants)

The announcement of group topics and dates will be available on the Facebook page of Sunbeam Workshop. If you would like to try the program individually or in pairs, please contact me at one of my contact details.