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The Soul Sound is a method taught by Mária Filotás, an incredibly powerful energy that she herself “received” as a medium from her heavenly helpers and that has been passed on to more than 2,000 of her disciples to this day.

If I am asked about the Soul Sound, I can only say that I do not yet know of a similarly pure and strong energy that would work with such efficiency. For the energy to work well and efficiently, there is one more important factor, in my opinion: the purity and experience of the professional who is working with Soul Sound.

I make no secret of the methods I use, the Soul Sound is the tip of my heart. I’m not saying it’s a miracle method either, but if you realize how much your life can be made easier by the Spiritual Cleansing line, you’ll definitely fall in love. My love with the Soul Sound does not know where it was sealed, perhaps already in the course, where my clear hearing intensified after initiation, and my spiritual helpers dictated to me things that have largely been realized since then. My belief that I am not by chance here in the world has been fully confirmed.

It is increadible that the more you cleanse yourself with the energy of the Soul Sound, the faster you will know the karmic circles you have undertaken for this life. Therefore, when you enter your life with another period full of trials and challenges, you will bear it much better. In fact, you may be most surprised at how differently you react in certain situations. Releasing and accepting also becomes much easier. And if you are truly a devoted believer in the Soul Sound and work on yourself regularly or dissolve You, you will notice that the energy of creation begins to work in your life. You get into the “flow,” you notice the learning processes more easily in your life. You will no longer evaluate a negative event as a bad lesson, but as a lesson brought to your path, and as you filter the appropriate consequences, that is, learn the lesson, that sample that triggered that (negative) event will disappear from your life.

The results of the cleansings are the most varied. There are times when some positive change happens immediately after the session, but there are times when the changes happen gradually, more slowly, it always depends on who is struggling with how many physical and mental problems and stallions. The key is always patience! If you know that you have been running circles here on Earth for millennia, then you are also aware that you have inherited the tasks you have brought into your current life from past lives, your old patterns work in your current life as well. If we add to this the mental injuries, hurts, anger and various negative, hindering emotions and life situations stored in the time from conception in the present life to the present, we can see what we are working on. The good news is that the Soul Sound can be a perfect help to you to take these burdens off from you. Cleansings are very effective on their own, but I like to combine them with other methods (e.g. use of Bach flowers, reiki, metamorphosis-guided relaxation). If you take my personal advice on your lifestyle (exercise, eating, stress management), in addition to cleansing, your life can change really fast. The key to change, on the other hand, is yourself, your commitment to renewal and your way out of old patterns!

When do I recommend the Soul Sound sessions? I could say that in any life situation, I can’t even list it because the choices are endless. If you’re stuck in your life, you don’t know where to go next. If you have plans but still don’t have the courage to change, a cleanup will give a boost. If you face recurring problems, life situations, and you can’t find the reasons. You have difficult human relationships, conflicts, and you’re already tired because you don’t know how that will change.

There are a few cases that can be a lesson for everyone and perhaps provide an insight into the potential of working with the energy of the Soul Sound:

  • There was a client who had been unemployed for many years and after a month with Soul Sound cleansing (3-4 times) found a job that matched his education and vision, and has been working there ever since.
  • There  was a man treated previously in a pscychiatry, arriving as a physical and mental wreck, who regained his old self and health a month later, now he is also working, and he sees his future much more positively than ever before.
  • A salesman who did nothing in a month, but after the cleanups, his business resumed and earned more revenue than before.
  • People with a lack of self-confidence, humiliated several times during their relationships, who have found a match for their lives.
  • Children with confused behaviour who have had ongoing conflicts with their peers and the adults around them changed suddenly.

The list could go on for a long time. It is certain that your general well-being and energetic state will be much better after the first time, since the Soul Sound not only affects the soul, but our physical body, our aura as well.

If you are curious about what is described here, read the article about me and the Soul Sound published earlier on

The fee of Soul Sound cleansing: 50 EUR,-/ 60 minutes.

For those who regularly come to me for solutions, there is a possibility for 30-minutes occasions of an emergency, the fee of that is 25 EUR.

The service can also be done online (Skype / Messenger / Whatsapp / Viber/Google Meet).

Consider: I’m not the “cheapest” among Soul Sound professionals, if you’re looking for a cheap helper, you’re sure to find it. You are going to receive invoices from me for the services provided, I carry out my activities in a declared form, as a sole proprietor. Soul Sound currently has 3 levels, I have been working with myself and others with this energy since 2013. So far, I have had worked approximately 500 clients with Soul Sound method, so accordingly, the results of the solutions may be much more breakthrough compared to a less experienced professional. In one solution, you can be cleansed of up to dozens of your previous lives, vows, bonds, generational patterns. Keep in mind that you can save yourself countless time and resources even in one session with Soul Sound compared to guided (traumatic) travel to previous lifes and family statements.

The “Soul Sound” is a unique method developed by Mária Filotás, and also a protected intellectual product!