Set the power of nature on your side!


Set the power of nature on your side!

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Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a pre-age-minded physician. During his short career, he has gone from traditional medicine to the development of natural remedies, emotional and spiritual healing, which is in line with today’s health preservation trends.

Flower essences, like other natural remedies, achieve their effects by treating the individual and NOT the DISEASE or SYMPTOMS. They directly affect the emotional state. Thus, it is possible that two people with the same problem should be treated with two different essences. The effect of essences is not in the suppression of a negative attitude, but in its translation into a positive one. It initiates the body’s self-healing processes and frees the body to be able to fight disease and stress.

However, you don’t have to be sick to treat yourself with essences. We all experience such difficult, tiring periods when we get into a negative mood. In such cases, the help of the essences can be very valuable because they can restore the disturbed balance even before the onset of bodily symptoms.

If our emotional state is deeply rooted, it can take days or weeks to feel the beneficial effect. People around you may notice the changes sooner. As a general rule, essences achieve their effects gradually and gently. Change is, of course, moving forward slowly, so it is easy to adapt to it.

Flower essences do not have any unpleasant side effects. Nevertheless, like other natural remedies, they can trigger the onset of previously suppressed symptoms. These include symptoms such as a skin rash during a detoxification course or the suppression of repressed emotions. These are an integral part of the healing process and are only temporary symptoms.

“Illness is a response to some impulse. It is a temporary failure, an unhappiness that occurs when we allow others to interfere with our purpose in life or when they arouse doubt, fear, or even indifference. ”

Dr. Bach divided the 38 essences into seven groups, according to the basic conflict he defined, which can hinder one from self-realization. These are the following:

  • fear
  • uncertainty
  • little interest in the present
  • loneliness
  • hypersensitivity to the ideas and influences of others
  • resignation or despair
  • over-care for the well-being of others

Individual essences within groups can be used to deal with different manifestations of basic conflict. Thus, for example, “fear” may manifest itself in the form of dread, identifiable ordinary fears, fear of losing common sense, inexplicable fears, or fear of other people.

As Dr. Bach defined the seven basic causes of disease, he also named the stages of recovery. And these are: peace, hope, joy, faith, certainty, wisdom, and love.

As Bach flower essences provide a completely natural, gentle healing, you do not have to fear any side effects while taking them, so they are highly recommended:

  • for pregnant women and mothers (during childbirth, childbirth, breastfeeding, or possible childbirth depression)
  • for children (including babies)
  • elderly
  • moreover, they are effective even for our pets (dogs, cats)!

The method is simple: the client presents to the Bach flower counselor with the problem to be solved, and after a thorough discussion, the counselor creates a blend bottle from the 38 + 1 remedy, the contents of which are sufficient for 3 weeks if the client follows the picking instructions. The change usually happens soon – although, as I mentioned above, the client’s environment may initially detect the change sooner than he or she may be – it is worth continuing to take it until you feel that you have coped with the problem.

In the case of younger children, of course, the parent is the mediator, and based on the behavioral problems and disorders he formulates, the mixed glass is made for the child.

The consultation can also be done online (Skype / Messenger / Whatsapp / Viber).

Bach flower therapy fee: HUF 40 EUR / 60 minutes, which includes the fee for the flower mixture (in other cases, the fee for the mixture is 5 EUR / bottle)