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Metamorphosis is a special mental block releasing technique that exerts its effects through the reflex points of the spine. The essence of the treatment is to cleanse the energy system along the spine, to dissolve the energy blocks, to release the pains and injuries brought about by long ago.

Blocks are blocking the healthy flow of energy in our bodies, which can also manifest as physical symptoms.

The method of metamorphosis treatment was developed by the English reflexologist Robert St. John. He discovered that all the reflex points of the body are found in the spinal zone, or on the spine, which is the main supporting pillar of the body. In his experiments, he noticed that the blocks caused by the lack of energy were found in the corresponding reflex zones of the spine. He realized that certain disorders can date back to before birth (conception). Since the condition of his patients treated with this new procedure started to improve permanently, long-term and profoundly only due to the activation of their own self-healing abilities, he created a procedure called Metamorphosis.

From fertilization to birth and beyond, human development is a dynamic, continuous, and complex process. Discoveries about this amazing process are increasingly proving that fetal development has an impact on both spiritual, mental, and physical health throughout life. Every aspect of personality, everything that belongs to man, from the moment of conception to birth and beyond in the present life and beyond, is stored in man himself and can thus be evoked. Metamorphosis works on a similar basis as foot reflexology massage at the reflex points of the foot, hand, and head. However, the treatment takes place on a subtle energy plane. Gentle touching of the prenatal reflex points releases energy blockades that allow the immobilized patterns to dissolve so that life force can flow freely again.

Metamorphosis treatment is actually a series of treatments. We work first on the legs, then on the hands and head as the dissolution process progresses. The treatment is done in clothes, lying down. For foot treatments, the socks must be removed, as we dissolve the foot and ankle line. The treatment takes place in a quiet, intimate atmosphere so that nothing disturbs the calmness, the “inner journey” of the treated person.

The treatment series begins with foot treatment. The pattern of distraction develops on the legs. Treating our feet can release our ability to move forward in life. Therefore, it is important that the main point of the action – the foot – is activated first.

We then work on the hands and head, as well as the feet. Working on the hands makes the new action easier. The hand is an extended tool of the spirit. And treatment on the head gives us the opportunity to integrate a new pattern of change into our way of thinking. It lends more clarity to thinking.

During treatment, “survival” comes to the surface from the cells – it takes place as a quiet process, in the form that is possible for the person being treated. The special touch of the soles of the feet, hands and head-face thus loosens the energy blocks, bringing fresh energy to the reflex points of the spine. Energy rearrangement takes place, fears, inhibitions, and depressing feelings dissolve.

It helps to unravel the retarding memories stored in the unconscious, as well as to unleash the mental blocks formed during the fetal age and the time after birth. Metamorphosis in selection helps to permanently release all imprints that we have stored in our mother’s womb as an embryo during pregnancy. As a result of a series of treatments, problems with physical symptoms improve or suddenly disappear, even if they have been complaints for years.

It can be used safely in infants, young and old, pregnant mothers and serious patients alike. It can also be used as a stand-alone method, or in addition to other traditional or complementary therapies, without conflicting with any other treatment.

Metamorphosis treatment fee:

  • for adults: 40 EUR, – / occasion
  • for children: 30 EUR, – / occasion